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The ORCA Group, offers a unique service from a range of professionals with extensive experience within the public sector. The group, whilst not exclusive to health, target areas of consultancy, investigations and interventions in the domain of safeguarding for victims of abuse. This is further complimented by training at local and national level.

ORCA is owned and led by two Senior Directors, who are supported by a range of Associates, offering specific bespoke services for organisations where there is requirement to assess resilience, establishing effective services both in safeguarding and training for providers, and offer independent advice and support for organisations. This includes the ability to offer complex reviews as part of human resource / workforce management, serious untoward incidents (incidents requiring investigation, including clinical) and Serious Case Reviews / Homicide Reviews. ORCA is also able to offer senior clinical expertise to assist in disciplinary hearings and investigations.

ORCA remains committed to being person focused, and as part of this we are able to offer psychological intervention(s) for individuals and families who require clinical services for trauma and psychological consequences of ill health.

Recent work in the public sector, independent sector, and on a national and european basis, has shown the ability of ORCA to focus and provide bespoke services to meet the needs of the individual and/or organisation.


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  • 1 Mar 17

    Serious Incident Investigations

    ORCA Health Group is currently undertaking a number of
    confidential enquiries...
  • 30 Jan 17

    Interim Positions Taken

    Senior Practitioners and Directors have taken up a number of
  • 1 Dec 16

    FATE (Families Against Terrorism & Extremism) North African Summit - Tunisia November 2016

    ORCA Directors were pleased to be invited again to support,


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Dear Stephen I hope this letter finds you well and enjoying life. It is just o...

Cheryl Etches -Chief Nursing Officer